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The International Order Job's Daughters is an organization for young women that provides a wholesome environment based on the foundation of high morals, love of country, love of family and friends and respect for others throughout the world. The group takes its name from the Book of Job, and in particular to a reference in the 42nd Chapter that says, "And in all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job."

Job's Daughters is open to girls ages 10 to 20 who have a Masonic Heritage. No specific religion is followed, but it is required that members have a belief in God.

All Job's Daughters are members of a local chapter called a Bethel. At present there are Bethels in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Brazil with other countries showing interest. Members of a Bethel elect their own officers, decide their own activities, and plan their own events. Job's Daughters offers the qualities that today's young women want and need from organizations that earn their commitment ..... fun, friendship, helping others and the chance to learn organizational and leadership skills.

Meetings follow a long tradition of order. The Officers wear traditional Grecian robes, symbols of democracy and equality, provided by the Bethel. Other members wear dresses to meetings. Meetings are held twice a month. Programs are planned and conducted by the members with the help of adult volunteers.

To become a Job's Daughter does not involve any embarrassing ritual or test of courage. Initiations are solemn, meaningful ceremonies presented by Bethel Officers. Parents are welcome at all of the meetings.

To be a member of Job's Daughters is to be part of a group that promotes friendship among young women and confidence in themselves. Members will learn skills that will help them throughout your life and they become part of an organization that serves the community. Most importantly, they will have fun.

The International Order of Job's Daughters is the ONLY international organization for girls that requires ALL OF ITS MEMBERS to have a relationship to a Master Mason, and while it is not part of the Masonic Fraternity, this pre-requisite ties it closely to the Masonic Order.

In general, the Book of Job teaches a Masonic optimistic lesson - Not to fall in despair; it shows that Masonic ideas are imperishable. This is exemplified in Job's life. Job saw the growth and upbuilding of his home, he also saw its ruin, but again he beheld its revival and reconstruction.

Special emphasis is given to the thoughts that "To Be Fair Is to Do Good" and "Virtue Is a Quality Which Highly Adorns Woman."

The International Order of Job's Daughters is operated in a democratic manner, similar to Masonic lodges as well as other Masonic Family organizations. In Bethels, adult co-workers known as the Bethel Guardian Council (consisting of a Bethel Guardian, Associate Bethel Guardian, and others) supervise each Bethel and are appointed yearly, with special consideration given to recommendations from the members of the Bethel.

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