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DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy, and productive lives. Basing its approach on timeless principles and practical, hands-on experience, DeMolay opens doors for young men aged 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills so vitally needed in society today.

DeMolay combines this serious mission with a fun approach that builds important bonds of friendship among members in more than 1,000 chapters worldwide.

DeMolay alumni include Walt Disney, John Wayne, Walter Cronkite and many other well known people. Each has spoken eloquently of the life-changing benefit gained from their involvement in DeMolay. DeMolay still teaches the same seven precepts or basic life principles upon which DeMolay members should base their lives:

  • Filial love (love of parents)
  • Reverence for sacred things
  • Courtesy
  • Comradeship
  • Fidelity (faithfulness)
  • Cleanness
  • Patriotism

The namesake of the Order of DeMolay was born in Vitrey, Department of Haute Saone, France in the year 1244. At the age of 21, Jaques de Molay joined the Order of Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar was an organization sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1128 to guard the road between Jerusalem and Acre, an important port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The Order of Knights Templar participated in the Crusades and earned a name for valor and heroism. They were known as the "White Robes" or Warrior Monks". With many nobles and princes sending their sons to join the Knights Templar, the Order also became very wealthy and popular throughout Europe.

In 1298, Jacques de Molay was named Grand Master of the Knights Templar, a position of power and prestige. As Grand Master however, Jacques de Molay was also in a difficult position. The Crusades were not achieving their goals. The non-Christian Saracens defeated the Crusaders in battle and captured many vital cities and posts. The Knights Templar and the Hospitalers were the only groups remaining to confront the Saracens. The Knights Templar decided to reorganize and regain their strength. They traveled to the island of Cyprus, waiting for the general public to rise up in support of another Crusade.

Instead of public support, however, the Knights attracted the attention of powerful lords, who were interested in obtaining their wealth and power. In 1305, Philippe the Fair, King of France, sorely in need of money and in debt to the Knights Templars, set about to obtain control of them. They had been accountable only to the Church. To prevent a rise in the power of the Church and to increase his own wealth and eliminate his debt, Philippe set out to take over the Knights.

The year 1307 saw the beginning of the persecution of the Knights and Philippe had them arrested on Black Friday, October 13th (the origin of the superstition of Friday 13th). Jacques de Molay, along with hundreds of others, were seized and thrown into dungeons. For seven years, de Molay and the Knights suffered torture and inhuman conditions. While the Knights did not end, Philippe managed to force Pope Clement to condemn the Templars. Their wealth and property were confiscated and given to the Church and Philippe's supporters, though Philippe got none.

During years of torture, Jacques de Molay continued to be loyal to his friends and Knights. He refused to disclose the location of the funds of the Order and he refused to betray his comrades. On March 18, 1314 de Molay was tried by a special court. As evidence, the court depended on a forged confession, allegedly signed by de Molay.

Jacques de Molay and the Templars retracted their forced confessions and declared their innocence and the innocence of the order. Under the laws of the time, the retraction of a confession was punishable by death. On the same day March 18th, 1314, King Philippe had Jaques de Molay (the Grand Master) and Geoffroi de Charnay (Preceptor of Normandy) both burned at the stake on the Ile de la Cite in the Seine. (Note; "burned at the stake" meant being very slowly roasted to death over a smokeless fire (so the victim would stay conscious longer, thereby prolonging his suffering.) Other Templars also enjoyed a similarly cruel fate.

Thus has the story of Jacques de Molay become a testimonial to loyalty and friendship.

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